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04 May 2011

Perspective on the execution of Osama by Obama

Jack Hunter, the Southern Avenger blogger and writer that assisted Senator Rand Paul write The Tea Party goes to Washington, has a new Videoblog post at his site giving some perspective about the Dear Leader's supervision of the hit on THAT guy in Pakistan on Sunday/Monday.

Obama, what a guy.  The President is always making personal sacrifices for this great country of ours.

 Meanwhile, I saw this picture of our current Decider, taken this past Sunday after he was rushed back from the 9th hole.  

See if you can pick out the "leader" in the room:  

Who's the dope at the White House that screen's photos for release to the press?

Obama, riding the crest of the blip that is the (extrajudicial) death of bin Laden...

Do you want change to come to this country? Think more of the same first.

I think if the mind-numbed masses shouting "USA, USA" this week vote him back into office late next year, it may speed up the collapse of Lincoln's Empire. It's actually the reason I didn't mind so much that he was elected in the first place.  The economics of the Statists will hasten their own end.

We may yet get "change" in this country, except it'll be the change that can only be accomplished by exercise of the 2nd Amendment, 10th Amendment, and a return to sound money

Deo Vindice

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  1. so they got osamba not obama; mistakes happen..