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Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

27 May 2011

Beware the "Tea Party" candidate; they are like a box of chocolates... never know whatcha gonna get. 


Strict Constitutionalist and Austerity Candidate?

Will, I love your reminder that Dan Webster “campaigned as a strict constitutionalist and apostle of austerity.” Yesterday, he joined the majority in the House in enthusiastically voting to extend the Patriot Act, without amendment or controls, for four more years. Newly elected and falsely represented “small government constitutionalists” like Webster are not working out, and the people’s secession from Washington on a human, economic, and institutional scale is far more effective than voting for a lying congressman. In addition to condoning and practicing thievery, Webster clearly accepts some new and revised version of the 9th commandment.

(emphasis enthusiastically added and endorsed!)

verbatim from Lew Rockwell blog.
remember, I am an x-voter.

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