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Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

07 April 2011

The Judge says "Shut it Down"

and (I paraphrase the Judge and Astronaut Alan Shepard):  "G-d's speed, Glenn Beck..."

Regarding the government shutdown:  It's really gonna suck for everyone on the dole.  Painful now or more painful later, your choice on budget austerity.  You want your kids to starve or do you want to tighten your belt and take the hit for them?

Regarding Glenn Beck:

Respect him for the millions he reached and taught.

Pity him for worshiping Lincoln, and not wholly embracing Austrian economics.  Perhaps he'll see the light yet, if he is intellectually honest as the Judge says.

As for me, I will always be pissed at him for humiliating Debra Medina when he had a chance to elevate a constitutional conservative, just when she had been surging against Kay Baily and Rick Perry.  Made me feel he was in bed with big government when he espoused constitutional conservatism.  My enthusiasm for him never recovered, but I still think a great deal of him (if that makes any sense).  Now I listen to him as a skeptic instead of as a believer.


  1. I agree, Beck said some things that people needed to hear, I never agreed with his pacifist leanings though, sometimes you have to fight fire with automatic weapons...

  2. Pity him for worshiping Lincoln

    He knows too well the truth, so I call him a liar.

  3. Saw him laugh at secessionists he had on too.

    So, unfortunately, many of his listeners/viewers...the followers will laugh along with him, without seriously considering it.