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16 March 2011

League of the South on Jessie Jackson

Jesse Jackson and the Confederate Agenda
14 March 2011

Jesse Jackson accused Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker of having a "Confederate agenda" in his recent dealings with labor unions and the State budget crisis.

The League of the South calls upon Mr. Jackson to define what he means by a "Confederate agenda," beyond general accusations of anti-labor, anti-civil rights, anti-voting rights, and pro-States Rights sentiments.

"It is clear," said League President Michael Hill, "that Jesse Jackson loves centralized power as long as it benefits him and his liberal constituency. We see that as a "Union agenda" in more ways than one. If by a Confederate agenda, he means a belief in local self-government, the rule of a fundamental law, State right-to-work laws, free markets, and the consent of the governed, then we proudly claim such a position. And we hope that a northern Governor like Scott Walker will continue to see the wisdom of doing the same."
League of the South post here

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  1. jesse has his own agenda. Just as odumbo. Its' called "living it up @ whiteys' expense".