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24 February 2011

ATF Project Gunwalker scandal picked up by mainstream media--CBS News

CBS News' Sheryl Atkisson's report on Project Gunwalker ATF scandal, a story broken by patriot III percenter and 2A bloggers Mike Vanderbeogh and David Codrea:


  1. It is interesting that when the story finally shows up, it is CBS rather than Fox that carries it. It would have been nice if they could have had more testimony from gun shop owners that were asking BATF for permission to deny the sales. I sure hope this story gets wings and gets around.

  2. Megyn Kelly of Fox News tried to shut down mention of Gunwalker when Larry Pratt (of GOA, who helped Mike and David greatly with getting the whistleblower agents together with Sen. Grassley) brought it up - appropriately - in connection with her asking him why he thought Sen Leahy was holding off on the confirmation hearings for Traver as head of BATF.

    In spite of the fact that Megyn asked Pratt a direct question that involved the Gunwalker scandal, she tried desperately to keep him from talking about it. He persisted, and explained that Leahy wouldn't want hearings where Sen Grassley could ask about Project Gunrunner/Gunwalker in an open, televised forum, since it directly affects BATF and Traver's nomination to head the agency. Evidently, Fox - or maybe just Megyn - didn't want Gunwalker mentioned in the open forum of Fox News, either.

    Rupert Murdoch isn't a friend of liberty. He is a friend of filling a market niche that makes him money. He realized that the huge market Limbaugh has created for conservative listeners could be tapped for television viewers. But he hedges his bets by including fools like Geraldo, and soft liberals like Juan Williams, as well as whack jobs like Greta "The Scientology Gal" Van Sustern.

    Fox is a little better than the mainstream media, but not a lot. (Kind of like the NRA: a little better than the Brady Bunch, but not a lot.) Both organizations are in it strictly for your money.