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13 January 2011

UK independence party (UKIP) looking good to win EU parliamentary elections in 2014

"I was having a beer with Nigel Farage recently when he came out with a most remarkable statement. “UKIP,” he declared, “will win the next European election.”
Win? Win? Certainly, like most Conservatives, I’d love a UKIP victory if it gives us some chance of ending our disastrous membership of the EU. But, come off it, I thought, this must be the beer talking. Yes, UKIP came second in 2009, but this was after the MPs’ expenses scandal and it is still a minority party – a protest vote. A UKIP victory, I told myself, is out of the question, however much of a soft spot I have the party."

Great for UKIP in Brussels...but how about at home?

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  1. Assuming that the EU even still exists by 2014...