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07 January 2011

TL Davis' "Of Oaths and Loyalties"

Of Oaths and Loyalties

"This website has been getting hit a lot by Federal Law enforcement of late. I understand their curiosity and interest and I certainly appreciate their visits. It gives me an opportunity to broach a subject long left unaddressed. We live in a republic based on laws that are reliable, not serving only the powerful or the corrupt, but the average citizen. That definition includes them as well. I know they feel more powerful than that, but they aren't. When the worm turns against them, all of the previous law enforcement experience will do them no good, except to help them accept their fate at the hands of a tyrannical government.

But, they have a choice. They can go along with this unconstitutional government right up to the end, when the government decides to cover their tracks by eliminating the stooges they used to do the dirty work, or they can embrace the legal and proper scope of the Constitution. When you have representatives of the people, who have sworn oaths to the Constitution bray and swear at the reading of it in public, spitting their disgust at the sound of it being read, you do not live in a Constitutional Republic as designed by the founders and I suppose you know that already. Don't you? That republic no longer exists and those who wield the power of it do so illegitimately as surely as if they walked into the station house and started barking orders to kill civilians. Would you stand up to that? I doubt it more and more everyday.

There is a moment to decide where one stands, behind the barricades of totalitarianism, or in front of the citizens one is sworn to protect. There is an oath and it doesn't mean much to people today. It means nothing to more than half of the civilian government. They are just words they hide behind when they commit their crimes against the people and the only thing that allows them to do it is the cowardice of the law enforcement personnel who tolerate it.

One might ask oneself a simple question: Which way should the guns be pointing? If in one's good conscious it should be at the shopkeepers, the day laborers and the nurses for seeking a peaceful change in their government and demanding that the law be followed and obeyed, then fine. No one can argue with a person's perspective and if that is what they believe, then by all means line up as many citizens as you care to and do with them what you want. They are willing victims to this madness for their failure to revolt.

But, if one sees oneself as a champion of legitimate government, of true representation and one who takes the contract with the people as legitimate, then some soul-searching should take place directly. We are moving past the point of decision. The leaders, the ones who have decided to turn their backs on everything lawful and right, are in control right now and they are giving you their orders. But, you are not a Nazi, you do not have to follow orders from people who show no regard for the oaths they have taken, or the loyalties they have sold for the comfort of power.

Ultimately though, you must ask yourself: At whose behest am I reading this blog and why? Is that freedom of speech? Is that freedom of expression? How long before I start enforcing Sharia law? These questions have probably already defined your patriotism, the validity of your oaths and your loyalty.


T.L. Davis"


To all LEO, DoD, DoJ, DHS:  

What kind of country do you want to live in?  

You have it within your power to declaw the beast -- you are the claw...

Take responsibility for the part that you are playing in allowing the persistence and growth of a government that no longer represents the interests of the great majority of the American people.

There is a terrible inertia in this country, and those of us who blog about the original intent of the Constitution and personal liberty are fighting a difficult battle against this inertia. 

After all, a battleship travelling at 30 knots can be stopped and turned about, but it takes an amazing amount of effort and energy.  

We are attempting to reach people's minds and tell them the truth as we understand it;  I am speaking of an objective rational truth, or as close as one can get to it.  Not the "truth" put out by the mainstream media or the government.  (Did you know the daily newspaper of the Soviet government, called "Pravda", means "Truth") 

I deal with original 18th and early 19th Century sources as much as possible when I write something about the Constitution or States' Rights, not the post-1865 literature and myths created to justify the actions of the Union.  

I am convinced the ideas that I am trying to propagate to a wider audience are the best ones for the country as a whole,   allowing a greater sense of freedom to people that are socially liberal or socially conservative, and will benefit everyone economically.  

Please help us to stop a burgeoning police state.

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