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31 January 2011

FBI appears to run interference for ATF, redirects traffic from Mexican newspaper

From Codrea's latest at National Gun Rights Examiner...

Big Brother is watching you

"Wanting to read the original Spanish-language version of the page, I attempted to directly access
without all the fancy hoopla that came after it, figuring it was probably not needed, or if it was, I could just walk my way down to the article. Imagine my surprise when I was IMMEDIATELY redirected to a page about cyber-crime at
Why would a Mexican newspaper redirect any of its links to the FBI?"

"There's only one reason I can see for a site to redirect a "not found" URL to the FBI... and that's if it's an FBI site to begin with.
It's more reasonable to assume a mistake or habit by an FBI coder in directing the "404" processing to a common page he's used to using than it is to assume that a Mexican newspaper is trying to frighten potential hackers with a bogeyman that has absolutely no jurisdiction in the newspaper's territory (or probably the hackers' either).
Is it reasonable for a Mexican website to use name servers in Pennsylvania?"
Curiouser and curiouser...Stay tuned.

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