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07 December 2010

Egypt jumps the shark

...if you'll pardon the pun.
This article, mentioning that Egypt "wont rule out" a Mossad plot as the cause of several shark attacks at the southern tip of the Sinai, a resort community called Sharm el Sheikh...

It reminded me of this story from a book called The Siege, a sympathetic history of modern Israel:
Over time, he (Conor Cruise O'Brien, Irish representative to the UN, 1960's--seated in alphabetical order next to the Israeli representative) struck up a friendship with both his adjoining delegates.  He recounted this vignette of a moment during a particularly bad speech by Adlai Stevenson, denying any American involvement in the Bay of Pigs:
While this performance dragged on, Gideon Rafael [of Israel], in the chair beside me on my right, was doodling on his pad, his face impassive.  The Caribbean is not a region of the highest priority for Israel.  When the time came, Gideon would cast his vote with the United States, keeping his personal opinion about the Bay of Pigs to himself.
Adlai’s peroration was even more embarrassing than the rest of his speech.  “I have told you,” he said, “of Castro’s crimes against man.  But there is even worse:  the record of Castro’s crimes against God.”
Several delegates looked faintly sick.
“Fidel Castro has” – Adlai here turned his page and peered at the new one – “Castro has . . . circumcised the freedoms of the Catholics of Cuba . . .”
Gideon looked up sharply and turned to me.  “I always knew,” he said, “that we should be blamed for this, sooner or later.”

The Mossad must have gotten the idea for this shark attack thing from Germany, who undoubtedly were behind the rash of shark attacks in New Jersey in the summer of 1916 , trying to intimidate the Americans to stay out of World War I.

Nefarious plots!!! ;-)

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