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21 November 2010

On diversity and "equality"

"The diversity of mankind is a basic postulate of our knowledge of human beings. But if mankind is diverse and individuated, then how can anyone propose equality as an ideal? Every year, scholars hold Conferences on Equality and call for greater equality, and no one challenges the basic tenet. But what justification can equality find in the nature of man? If each individual is unique, how else can he be made 'equal' to others than by destroying most of what is human in him and reducing human society to the mindless uniformity of the ant heap?"

-Murray N. Rothbard

Equality of Natural Law:  Each has his right to his life, property, and personal freedom.  This is a fact regardless of the government or set of laws under which the person lives.  This Natural Law is the basis of the founding of the American Republic.

Equality of the Progressive:  law passed so that incompetent or less competent individuals can suddenly compete with a person of greater competence and merit.  Moochers and looters gain advantage over producers.  This is one of the effects of socialism and legislated social policy.

15 minutes at any playground, gymnasium, or social gathering will tell you that one person is not "equal" to the one standing next to him.  The result of each of our individual Nature and Nurture (genetics and environment in which we were raised) leads to inequality.  I refer to the inequality of physical, mental, and social competence. This is logically apparent to anyone who thinks about it.  
...and this...

Lets pass a law against this...

Socialism leads to equality...
The use of the word "equality" in the public or political sense can (i.e. should) only mean one thing:  One citizen is equal to another citizen in the eyes of the court with regard to their Natural Right to life, personal freedom, and property.  

Any other interpretation of the word is the beginning of tyranny.

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