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08 November 2010

New York vs. America. Perfect example of why Secession is a good idea.

I don't know how many of you have visited New York City, or spent any length of time there (so as to get to know the culture and attitudes of those born and raised there), but New York isn't America.

Southern culture is the true heart of what most people (Americans and foreigners) consider "America", whether or not they realize it.  Question to anyone who has served (or currently is serving) in the melting pot of the US military: Do you agree or disagree?  Feel free to comment.

I know New York City very well, unfortunately.  The City and the people who were born and continue to live  within commuting distance of Manhattan have always felt foreign to me.  I am referring to native born New Yorkers, not the immigrant population.  Manhattan is comprised of a very rich elite who are (collectively) liberal to a fault, and a mass of much poorer people who live on the handouts of Big Government (I generalize, of course).

You have to go about 90 to 120 minutes up the Hudson River or out Long Island or West and South into eastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey before you start to meet people that you recognize as more culturally "American".

Take it from someone who knows personally:  New York is the heart, the black heart, of Yankee Land.  It houses the corporate wing and finances the power in DC.  New York City is the spawn of Hamilton, twisted in later days by various socialist Democrat and RINO administrations;  it is the Repudiation to Jefferson and original intent of the Constitution.

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